About Our Courses

AILDI courses are taught by reputable scholars and language practitioners experienced in Indigenous language reclamation and revitalization. There are two ways to register for the summer courses.

Academic Credit

Each AILDI course carries 3 units or credits through the University of Arizona. These credits are transferrable to other colleges and universities. To obtain the academic units, admission to the University of Arizona as a summer only non-degree  seeking student is required.

Professional Credit

The AILDI courses may also be used for professional development. Upon successful completion of course requirements, a certificate will be issued by AILDI and the University of Arizona’s Continuing & Professional Education program.  Registration and payment for professional credit will be through the Continuing & Professional Education program. 


The costs for academic credit are set annually by the University of Arizona as tuition and fees.  Tuition and fees  summer 2023 are:

 $1,578. 88 for one, 3-unit course for undergraduates

$1,719.88 for one, 3-unit course for graduate students

The cost for professional credit is $1,475.50 for one course.

Registration for graduate student academic credit and undergraduate student academic credit is open now.  Registration for professional credit is now open. Registering for professional credits does not require applying for admission to the University of Arizona.

Questions, contact the AILDI office at coe-aildi@arizona.edu or call 520-626-4145.