About Our Courses


AILDI offers credit bearing courses through the University of Arizona. Each AILDI course carries 3 units or credits. These credits are transferrable to other colleges and universities. Undergraduate courses are listed with a 400 number and graduate courses are listed as a 500 number. The AILDI courses are co-convened meaning that undergraduate and graduate students are together in the course. Graduate students are required to submit additional course assignments. These assignments will be in the syllabus.


The syllabus will outline what the course will cover and will provide information on grades, attendance, assignments and other university policies.

Course titles

The official course title that will you see on your transcript and university record is noted in italics (on the AILDI website). The larger title in bold (on the AILDI website) is the course title that AILDI instructors use to expand on the official course title.


AILDI students will receive a letter grade (A,B,C,D,E) upon course completion. Expectations for grades are included in the syllabus.


A student can choose to audit a course instead of receiving a grade. Course audits still require that tuition be paid. The student must submit an audit registration form. Audits  require a level of participation and engagement that are mutually agreed upon by the instructor and student. Instructors and students must decide together how the student will still achieve personal learning goals. Since many students are sent to AILDI by tribal language programs or other tribal institutions, the learning goals will most likely consider the goals of the tribal department as well. Students wishing to audit are strongly encouraged to declare a course audit no later than the first week of classes.