AILDI Videos

Revisiting the State of Indigenous Languages National Conference

June 17 & 18, 2013

The goal of the conference was to critically examine the state of Indigenous languages since the passage of the Native American Languages Act (NALA 1990 and 1992).

Plenary Speakers: Daryl Baldwin, Lilian Sparks, April Counceller, Stacey Oberly, Natalie Diaz, Vincent Medina (AICLS)

Janne Underrinner & Virginia Beavert (NILI), Mary Linn (ONLA), Jordan Lachler (CILLI), and Inee Slaugter (ILI).

Daryl Baldwin: Ken Hale Memorial Lecture

Plenary Panel: The AILDI Legacy: Native Language Institutes

Vincent Medina (Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival), Janne Underrinner/Virginia Beavert (Northwest Indigenous Language Institute), Mary Linn (Oklahoma Native Language Association), Jordan Lachler (Candadian Indigenous Language and Literacy Institute), and Inee Slaugher (Indigenous Language Institute).

 Lillian Sparks (Administration for Native Americans)

April "Isiik" Counceller: Community Language Revitalization: Addressing all levels of Influence

Stacey "Wachimamach" Oberly: The Next Generation of Native Language Speakers

Natalie Diaz: The Next Generation of Native Language Speakers