ATALM 2016 Preparation Videos

The summit Indigenous Languages Survival Kit: Identifying the Essential Components will take place at the ATALM 2016 conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Organized by the American Indian Language Development Institute (AILDI) the summit will identify, through facilitated discussion, the essential components needed to help sustain the transmission of tribal language, and by extension traditional knowledge and culture. Participants willl break down the issues related to language loss before defining Indigenous driven solutions and recommendations. A sampling of these issues include: What is "internalized colonialism" and how does it manifest in tribal communities? Why do Native youth say it is hard to be a language learner? What does planning and commitment have to do with creating new speakers? More issues will also be discussed. This highly interactive and engaging summit will produce recommendations for tribal communities to use in prioritizing action steps for language use and revitalization. The Summit scheduled for October 9, 2016 is full. Even if you have not registered you can still share your ideas on some of the topics we will disucss by viewing the videos below.

The following are videos to watch in preparation for the summit. Each of the videos is between 2 and 5 minutes. Please watch them and then leave comments on each of the videos. To comment, please click on the YouTube button in each of the videos to go to YouTube and leave specific comments there.

1. Sheilah Nicholas: Is it hard to learn your language?

2. Sheilah Nicholas: What is involved in learning your language

3. Liz Kichkam: Ideas about Language

 4. Liz Kichkam: Literacy and Orality