Digital Language Resources and Archiving Workshop - September 19 & 20, 2016

This two - day workshop focused on the basics of developing digital language resources and principles of developing digital archives. Participants had an opportunity to evaluate the current digital presence of their language; the resources available and needed to expand their language's digital presence; and the desirability and practicality of developing digital language resources for the community. Participants engaged with academics, and community experts in the development and use of digital language resources for preservation, teaching, and repatriation of linguistic and cultural materials. The workshop was supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant # BCS 1160394.

Instructors: Shannon Bischoff, Ph.D. and Audra Vincent, M.A., (Coeur d' Alene), Amy Fountain, Ph.D. and Rolando Coto, M.A.

Location: Huhugam Heritage Center, 4759 N. Maricopa Road, Chandler, AZ 85226, Gila River Indian Community