Transportation Information

Out of state participants will most likely need to purchase a round trip airline ticket. You will also need to pay for ground transportation to get from the airport to your designated summer housing. Approximate costs for a shuttle from the airport to the area near the University of Arizona is $40-$65.  You may also be required to make a reservation.


Some AILDI participants may wish to purchase auto, personal property or health insurance for coverage for the short term of the summer residency program. Participants (as enrolled UA students) are eligible to use UA Campus Health for limited services. Indian Health Services for qualified individuals are available. Please refer to the Indian Health Service website.


The Student ID (CatCard) is $25.00, which is a required cost. If you are a returning student, you do not have to purchase a new CatCard. For new and returning students please go to the CatCard office located in the Student Union to purchase your CatCard or if you are a returning student, to re-activate the card that you already have.