Housing Information

Sahara Apartments

AILDI participants can stay at Sahara Apartments. The apartments are furnished and rent includes all utilities, satellite TV, high speed Internet, and shuttle service to the University of Arizona. Single and double occupancy rates are available.  AILDI students are encouraged to rent one of their "hotel" rooms. Approximate cost for those rooms are $850 plus a refundable $20 deposit. Please contact the Sahara Apartments directly for updated information. Make sure you mention that you will be attending AILDI.

Other Housing Options

AILDI strongly recommends that students stay at Sahara Apartments; however there are alternatives:

  • On-campus dorm housing. Use this link to apply for on-campus housing. Please note that this is available for individuals 18 years or over.
  • Some students (especially those with families) also find rentals off campus.