Tuition and Fees

Summer tuition and fees

The approximate tuition and fees for summer courses are:

Undergraduate: Two classes at 3 units each = $2,825.33

Graduate: Two classes at 3 units each = $3,137.33

If your tuition and fees will be paid for by a third party, such as your employer or Tribe, a letter to establish credit must be sent to   Suzanne Rodriguez in the Bursar's office. The letter should be on your employer's letterhead and contain the following information: Name or names of the student, the number of units for the courses ( this will be 6 for the AILDI summer session) student ID, (you will be assigned one after you complete the University of Arizona admissions application) and any other charges that will be paid for. The letter must include remit information as an invoice will be sent to the responsible financial party. For more information contact Suzanne Rodriguez at ; (520) 621-3572.

For more information on how to pay for your tuition and fees click here.