Quinault Indian Nation Language Department

Language Program Directory Information

Which Tribal/Indigenous community is your program/institution affiliated with?

Quinault Indian Nation


How many staff members work for your program/institution?

4 staff members.


How long has your program/institution existed?

Since 2016.


What is the contact information for your program/institution (e.g. mailing address, website, Facebook Page, etc.)?

Physical Address:

409 Commux
Taholah, WA 98587
(360) 276-8211 ext. 1034



Please provide a brief description (approximately 5 sentences) about your program/institution.

 Our program goal is to revitalize the Quinault language. In an effort to realize this mission, the department staff conducts community outreach through family events and on-line learning opportunities, including family language classes, departmental workshops, camps and other community events throughout the year. Language Classes are offered in Taholah, Queets, and Hoquiam during Fall, Winter and Spring, with deadlines for applications each session one week before the start of class. Families are encouraged to apply for classes, with children under 14 required to be accompanied by an adult. Applications are accepted via email or in-person. Our three instructors are certified by the QIN and Washington state. The most recent addition to our revitalization efforts is a Quinault language high school class at Taholah School.


What are challenges your program/institution has faced?

Continued participation in our classes and distance between our villages and off-reservation members.


 What are existing projects your program/institution is working on?

We are currently revising our Quinault texts and developing a Quinault language app.


What are the long-term goals for your program/institution (present day – 1 year from now)?

We’d like to reopen our doors and resume language teaching services to our community.


What are the long-term goals for your program/institution (1 year – 5 years from now)?

To revitalize the language so that it’s heard daily throughout our community.


From your perspective, how do you view the language activity in your tribe?

Our activity is still in the early stages of revitalization but we have a few students who have gained exceptional language skills to carry on short conversations.