Paying for AILDI

Academic Credit

 If your employer, school or tribe will be paying for you to take an AILDI course they must first establish a letter of credit with the Bursar's Office. The letter of credit must be on the sponsor's letterhead (school, employer, tribe) and include the name (s) of the student and how many courses they will be taking. Letters must also include a billing address. Once the letter is received, the Bursar's Office will then send the sponsor an invoice for payment. The letter of credit should be sent to Accounts Receivable Department at  For more information regarding third-party sponsorship, visit the Bursar's website here.

Professional Credit

Professional credits can be paid for at the time of registration or you can pay for group registrations by a purchase order. Contact the Office of Continuing and Professional Education for more information regarding billing.

If you will be paying for AILDI courses yourself, go to the Bursar's Office, University of Arizona for more information.


Sample Letter for Bursar's Office

Please see the attached PDF for a sample letter to provide to the Bursar's Office.