Grant Writing Workshop for NSF Projects

NSF DEL Program Workshop

Grant Writing for NSF Documenting Endangered Languages Program

Colleen Fitzgerald, former program officer for the NSF DEL program, led AILDI’s recent grant writing workshop, held July 24-26, 2019. Fitzgerald walked participants through each step of the proposal submission process. Merit review criteria was particularly emphasized and participants were able to draft statements that spoke to “intellectual merit” and “broader impacts”. Participants were selected for the workshop based on proposal ideas that were submitted as part of the workshop application process.  In addition to working on proposal drafts, participants discussed larger issues related to language documentation in Native communities. These included such topics as, access to culturally sensitive information and working with linguists.

Key resources for the workshop included the following:

Federal Funding video with NEH and NSF DEL program officers (first two presentations in video):

DEL grant outreach video series:

AILDI's Grant Writing Handbook:

DEL Program Solicitation: