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Welcome to AILDI | AILDI - American Indian Language Development Institute

Welcome to AILDI

The American Indian Language Development Institute's (AILDI) mission is to provide critical training to strengthen efforts to revitalize and promote the use of Indigenous languages across generations. This is accomplished by engaging educators, schools, Indigenous communities and policy makers nationally and internationally through outreach, transformative teaching, purposeful research and collaborative partnerships. As a result of our work, we envision that the larger society will know that language revitalization is critical to sustain and reinforce Indigenous linguistic, cultural, and spiritual health and identity.

Summer Session

Intense learning in an Indigenous environment

AILDI is synonymous with its intense summer institute. We offer courses related to language teaching, maintenance, documentation and revitalization. The institute promotes and cultivates an atmosphere of sharing among the participants by structuring classes with both a teaching and learning component. Participants are also able to immediately apply language learning methodologies and materials by creating an immersion lesson.


Documentation, dictionaries, technology and traditional knowledge

AILDI offers workshops and other educational and training opportunities in addition to the annual summer institute. We run workshops on documentation technology, dictionary making, games and technology in Indigenous languages, traditional ecological knowledge and many more. These are offered both at the University of Arizona or throughout communities and locations in the Southwest.