UA Graduate Summer Application 2021

Applying as a graduate student

If you have completed a four-year college degree you may apply as a graduate student (for undergraduate registration, please click here). You will need to do the following: 

Click here to complete the AILDI Registration Form. By filling out this form we will be able to keep track of your application to the University of Arizona. This is important due to the variety of offices involved in the admissions process.

1.    Go to Click on “Apply Now (circled in blue in Image 1)." You will then create an account (section circled in blue in Image 2) to begin your application and create a GradApp profile. (Be prepared to upload PDF files of your previous academic transcripts)







*If you have already been a student here at UA, please use METHOD 1:UA NETID to login to GradApp.

*If this is your first time as a student at UA, please use METHOD 2: GRADAPP ACCOUNT.


2.  Click “Apply to a Program” and choose the Campus (Tucson), Category (Non-Degree seeking), and Semester (Summer 2021).


3. When you have created your account, you will need to check your e-mail and verify your account.



4. Once you have verified your account, you will sign in.


5. You will then need to fill out all sections (Account, Personal Information, Former Names, Educational History) to complete your profile portion of the application.


6. Once all sections of your profile are complete, you can apply for a program.



7. After clicking "Apply to a Program," select "Main Campus" under "Choose the Campus, Location and Category of your Intended Program." 


8. You will then select the Location, which is Tucson.


9. After "Location," you will choose the "Program Category," which will be "Non-Degree Seeking."


10. You will then choose "Summer 2021" for the semester.


11. Under "Sponsor/Program Affiliation," choose AILDI-American Indian Language Development Institute.


12.  Pay the $45 application fee, Review your application, and Submit.

13. Students must be eligible to enroll in classes and then will utilize UAccess Student Center to manage their enrollment and academic record. For more information on how to enroll in courses, visit the Registrar's page.