Summer 2019 Courses

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TLS 402/502:  Land and Place:  The Well-Spring for Immersion Methods and Teachers (Linguistics for Teachers)

Indigenous oral traditions remain as the well-spring from which to help community language learners (re)connect with Indigenous ways of coming to know and (re)learn to live in good relations in and with place.  We will learn to apply immersion methods of language teaching to oral traditions—song, dance, stories, etc.—so that it is through language that learners can experience a reconnection and responsibility to land and place. 

Textbook required:

The Desert Smells Like Rain; Author Gary Nabhan;  ISBN: 9780816522491

Sheilah Nicholas, Instructor

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Sheilah Nicholas


TLS 410/510 Language and Culture in Education

This course explores socio-cultural factors impacting the role of Indigenous and minoritized languages in school settings. We will analyze theories, practices, and teaching models (dual language, Structured English Immersion, etc.) affecting Indigenous youth in schools, historical and contemporary. Students will explore their own pedagogies to address the gifts and needs of bilingual and second language learners in Indigenous and heritage language learning contexts

Textbook required:

To Remain An Indian; Author K. Tsianina Lomawaima; ISBN 9780807747162

Philip Stevens, Instructor



Vanessa Anthony-Stevens

Vanessa Anthony-Stevens, Guest Lecturer


TLS 428/528:  Learning to Live in “Good Relations”: Indigenous Language in the Classroom (Curriculum & Instruction in Bilingual & Second Language Settings)

For Indigenous peoples, the land and place are vital to their sense of being and how they learn to live in good relations with their environment.  Through the course materials, activities and projects, we will work to understand and experience the meaning and truth of this.  In the process, we can better prepare the next generation in becoming responsible caretakers of the land.

Textbook required:Braiding Sweetgrass; Author Robin Wall Kimmerer; ISBN 9781571313560

Sheilah Nicholas, Instructor

LING 427/527: Linguistics for Native American Communities

This foundations course seeks to facilitate the students' exploration of the structure of their language.Topics will include the phonology, morphology, syntax and sociolinguistics of American Indian languages and English. A primary focus will include language exploration for purposes of language documentation, and its application to language revitalization and reclamation.

Stacey Oberly, Instructor

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Stacey Oberly