Summer 2018 AILDI Courses

Two courses offering 3 units each (6 units altogether) will be taught for 2018 summer session, June 4-29.

Instructor: Stacey Oberly, Ph.D. (Southern Ute)

Course Title: Language, Access, and Red Power (LING 320/ANTH 583)

Course Description: Language is one of the most culturally significant resources by which heritage language communities are able to access and mediate the world around us. A key awareness among endangered language communities is how language use, language teaching, and language revitalization can sometimes be affected by issues related to dialect, language variation, politics, control, authenticity and identity. Through discussions, readings, lectures and presentations, students will critically examine each of these issues as a means to broadening  their understanding of the social dimensions potentially impacting current language teaching, revitalization, and tribal language programs.

Class Schedule: M-F, 8:00 - 11:30 am

Location: College of Education, Room 530, University of Arizona, Tucson



Instructor: Vanessa Anthony-Stevens, Ph.D.

Course Title: Creating Language and Cultural Resources for Teaching (TLS 480/LRC580)

Course Description: Using a variety of materials (children’s books, comics, graphic novels, digital stories) as well as drawing from tribal cultural knowledge, students in this course will learn how to use and evaluate existing teaching resources to emphasize language learning and teaching. Students will also create their own language teaching material.

Dates: June 4-29, 2018

Class Schedule: M-F, 1:00 - 4:30 pm

Location: College of Education, Room 530, University of Arizona, Tucson