FRIDAY, April 12 - Environment and Natural Resources 2 Bldg


Registration / Continental breakfast

Welcoming remarks (Rm S107)


Plenary 1 (Rm: S107)

NAMA Program

  • Raymond Huaute (UC San Diego): Towards a Native-informed Approach to Linguistics: Insights from a Native Linguist and Language Reclamationist
10:00-12:30 Special Session: Language Revitalization Strategies & Pedagogy (Rm S107) Parasession: Language Documentation, Description & Theory (Rm S215)
10:00-10:30 Bri Alexander (Cherokee Nation, CUNY Graduate Center): Applying applications: Using digital language learning for community building

Gladys Camacho-Rios (Quechua, University of Texas at Austin): Documenting South Bolivian Quechua spoken by monolinguals

10:30-11:00 Cesar Rosales (Universidad del Bio Bio, Chile): Kewün: Chedungun Language Learning Online

Ivette Selene González Castillo (Universidad de Sonora): A Methodology for the Linguistic Documentation of the Paipai Language Based on its Ethnolinguistic Characteristics


Leighton Delgado (Montaukett Indian Nation), Irene Navas (Center Moriches Schools), Conor Quinn (U. of Southern Maine), Tina Tarrant (Shinnecock Indian Nation), Wunetu Tarrant (Shinnecock  Indian Nation/U. of Arizona), Harry Wallace (Unkechaug Nation): Digital Documentation Training for Long Island Algonquian Community Language Researchers: a New Paradigm for Community Linguistics

Bernat Bardagil-Mas (UC Berkeley): Language documentation as anticipated historical linguistics?
11:30-12:00 Kathryn Pewenofkit Briner (Comanche, Florida Atlantic University): (Un)making the NʉmʉTekwapʉ̱ha Tʉboopʉ̱ (Comanche Dictionary): Insurgent Research, Methodology of Visiting, and Comanche Core Cultural Values

Chris Rogers (Brigham Young University): The geographic and social causes of the linguistic patterns in the Zeeje manuscript

12:00-12:30 Josh HoldenJessie SylvestreLynda Minoose (University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills): Adaptation of an action-oriented approach to teaching L2 Denęsułiné vocabulary

Rosemary G. Beam de Azcona (Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia): The Southern Zapotec linguistic area and the case of Dítsèh (Cisyautepecan), a Central Zapotec language of the Sierra Sur



Friday morning workshop (S225)

Creating Digital Storytelling for Indigenous Languages - Instructor: Kaylene BigKnife (University of Arizona)

12:30-1:30 LUNCH

Plenary 2 (Rm S107)

Bruna Franchetto (Museu Nacional, Brazil):

"We can not let our memories be buried": losses and lessons from the Brazilian National Museum fire




Friday afternoon workshop (Rm S120A)

Using the Survey of California and Other Indian Languages - California Languages Archive

Zachary O'Hagan (UC Berkeley)

2:45-5:15 Special Session: Language Revitalization Strategies & Pedagogy (Rm S225) Parasession: Language Documentation, Description & Theory (Rm S215)
2:45-3:15 Irla Elida Vargas Del Angel (Nahua, Centro Estatal de Lenguas y Culturas Indígenas): Las dificultades en la tarea de la traducción hacia la lengua indígena

Mevaltha R. Che (Diné, University of Alberta): Explaining Navajo child verb acquisition through shared cultural knowledge


Paula Cruz Ríos (Universidad Autónoma de Baja California): Dill benn wrall: creaciones literarias, para la revitalización lingüística y el mantenimiento de la lengua zapoteca, dirigida a población infantil migrante.

Carlos Gil Burgoin (Universidad de Sonora): Approaching the Tepiman aspectual alternation: The case of northern Tepehuan as evidence of substraction


Ignacio L. Montoya (University of Nevada, Reno): Supporting community-based language revitalization though capacity-building workshops for teachers of Great Basin languages

Rodrigo Becerra (University of Alberta): Neither predictable nor random: Assessment of stress in position in Mapudungun words in context

4:15-4:45 Sivaldo Correia (U Federal de Pernambuco/U of Oregon): Improvements in Nambikwara teaching Daejin Kim & Robert Cruz (University of New Mexico): Tohono O’odham phonetics and phonology project
4:45-5:15 Monty Hill (Tuscarora Indian Nation, SUNY at Buffalo): Lifting our minds up again: Success in Skarù:ręˀ language revitalization Samantha Cornelius (Cherokee, U. of Texas at Arlington): Boundary Tone Distribution in Oklahoma Cherokee

Plenary 3 (Rm N120)

Language Documentation Research

  • Lyle Campbell (Professor Emeritus, University of Hawai'i, Manoa)
  • Mizuki Miyashita (University of Montana): Towards CoLang 2020: Native perspectives and multilateral collaboration
6:30-8:00 SAIL reception (Location tba)

SATURDAY, April 13

8:00-9:00 Continental breakfast




Plenary 1  (Rm S107)

AILDI Alumni Recognition

Speaker: Ofelia Zepeda (University of Arizona)


Plenary 2 (Rm S107)

Next Generation Panel 

Joe Dupris (University of Arizona), Adrienne Tsikewa (University of California-Santa Barbara),

Ron Geronimo (Tohono O'odham Community College)


Poster Session

  1. Sherilyn Analla (Laguna Keres / University of Arizona): "Don't say it like a man." An initial inquiry of shift in Laguna Keres male and female speech
  2. Ellen B. Basso (University of Arizona): The Kalapalo perfect (Southern Carib, Brazil) 
  3. Rodrigo Becerra (University of Alberta): Constructions principles, process, and assessment of a method for teaching and learning Mapudungun language as L2
  4. Frances Benavidez & Angelina Saraficio (Tohono O'odham / Tohono O'odham Education Department): Tohono O'odham Language Teacher Certificate
  5. Kaylene Big Knife (Chippewa Cree Tribe, Rocky Boy, MT / University of Arizona): Creating Curriculum: Children literacy in Cree Syllabics (Plains Cree dialect)
  6. Robert Cruz (University of New Mexico): The Historical Underpinning of Tohono O’odham Language Loss and Its Relevance to Language Revitalization
  7. Andrea Fulgham (University of Arizona): Non-literal language analysis in Giksan
  8. Gabriel Gallinate SolizA panorama of apicalised alveolar consonants in Maropa and Movima, two unrelated languages of Bolivian Amazon
  9. Megan Harvey (University of Arizona): Hiaki short forms: a theoretically-informed description of Hiaki allomorphy
  10. Kevan Joe (Diné / University of Arizona): Navajo pronouns & asymetric ergativity
  11. Jeremy Johns (Ak-Chin O'odham / University of Arizona): A handbook of O'odham verbs
  12. Nhung Luong (University of Arizona): Writing decolonizing curriculum: A search for knowledge in the literature
  13. Bethany Lycan (California State University, Long Beach): Temporal expressions in Pahka’anil
  14. Joseph Marks (Tlingit / University of Arizona): Reanalysis of the evidential and preverbs in Tlingit
  15. Max Mulé & Heidi Harley (University of Arizona): V-V hiatus resolution across word boundaries in Hiaki
  16. Christina Newhall  (Village of Unga / University of Arizona): Illocutionary force in Unangam Tunuu
  17. María Teresa Luna Padilla & José Carlos Villalobos Díaz (Universidad Intercultural Indígena de Michoacan): Diseño de Materiales Didácticos para la Enseñanza de la Lengua, a partir de Imágenes Simbólicas Culturales
  18. Clint Parker (McGill University): On the role and responsibilities of universities and linguists in supporting Indigenous
  19. Donovan Pete (Diné / University of Arizona): Examining Navajo language assessment, pedagogy, and methodology towards Diné Bizaad revitalization and maintenance
  20. Camilo PintoCesar Rosales (Universidad del Bio Bio, Chile) & Nesto Queupil (Comunidad Pewenche del Alto Biobio): Pewenche Language Documentation with the Community and for the Community
  21. John Powell (University of Arizona): Using historical Yuman syntax to build pedagogical lessons on -k and -m verbs in River languages
  22. Samantha Prins (University of Montana): Word-final (?) Vowel Devoicing in Blackfoot 
  23. Wunetu Tarrant (Shinnecock Indian Nation/University of Arizona): Kunáy? Using games to teach Shinnecock language patters

Plenary 3

Panel: What Do We Need to Know About Indigenous Language Revitalization?

Mosiah Bluecloud (Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma), Anthony Gray (Gila River Indian Community)

Kelly Washington (Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community), Tracy Williams (Oneida Nation)

2:45-3:00  Break


Concurrent Workshops

  1. Linguistics for Language Programs: Luis Barragan (Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community), 120A
  2. Language and Technology: Tyler Peterson (Arizona State University), Kietzecume Garcia (University of Arizona),120B
  3. Developing a Language Archive: Audra Vincent (Coeur d'Alene Tribe), Amy Fountain (University of Arizona),S215
  4. Immersion Methods: Sheilah Nicholas (University of Arizona) S225

Dinner in Celebration of AILDI's 40th Anniversary 

Keynote Speaker: Richard Grounds (Rm N120)