Indigenous Storytelling,Pop Culture & New Media

AILDI Theme 2018

Indigenous Storytelling, Pop Culture and New Media is the theme for this year's summer session. The courses will explore language use across a wide range of contexts including politics, language variation, identity, children's literature, traditional stories, comics and graphic novels.

Invited guest speaker, Jon Proudstar, creator of the first all-Indian super hero comic book, Tribal Force, will share his experiences with incorporating language and culture into his work with AILDI students on June 13th.

In keeping with the theme, AILDI will present a workshop on July 16,17 and 18th, Building Language Through Indigenous Pop Culture. The  two and a half-day workshop will be led by Lee Francis IV, founder of Indigenous Comic Con, Native Realities Press and owner of Red Planet Comics and Books. Participants will create comic books that will feature Indigenous language. More information on how to register for the workshop will be posted soon.