Microteaching - An AILDI Hallmark


What is microteaching?

Microteaching consists of short language teaching lessons and activities created by AILDI participants. It provides an opportunity to use your Native language to teach to a small group of your AILDI classmates. One of the main emphases of microteaching at AILDI is to teach a topic on your language in your language using the immersion method. Microteaching is a safe, fun and supportive environment for language teaching!



What can I teach?

There is no limit to what you can teach your peers. Last year students taught us the names of the seasons, shared a traditional story and then we acted out selected parts. One student taught us how to set the table for a meal and others taught us how to say the names of animals that lived in their region. The main emphasis is the content and that it is placed in a meaningful context for language learning.First time AILDI students have the option to do their microteaching in pairs. Returning AILDI students however, are expected to do their microteaching, solo.


I am not a language teacher and I have no experience with creating a lesson or working with students. How can I do this?

Microteaching at AILDI basically requires you to think of a topic and then come up with objectives and a target audience for your lesson. For example, after you have decided what it is you want to teach in your language, your AILDI classmates will act as your students; giving you positive feedback and support. Microteaching allows you to learn about different methods of teaching language because each student will have different ways that they will demonstrate their teaching. Microteaching is an excellent way to try out new and creative ways to teach language in a supportive environment.





I don't know my langugage. How can I teach it?

If you are not a fluent speaker or if you do not know enough of your language to conduct a lesson, you can pair up with a student who does know their language. You can work together to come up with a teaching demonstration. You can prepare ahead of time for microteaching by bringing with you dictionaries, grammars, vocabulary lists, recordings or other resources that document your language that you can use as a resource.


When will I do my microteaching?

Microteaching will be scheduled for June 26 and 27. Presentations will occur simultaneously in the AILDI classrooms. You will be given a schedule that will highlight which microteaching presentations you will participate in. Microteaching provides the opportunity for you to be both a student and a teacher. The schedule you will receive has been carefully constructed to ensure that each session has an adequate “student audience”. You would not want to conduct your lesson without students to practice on, so please be considerate of your peers and stick to your schedule.


How can I develop a microteaching lesson on top of all my other AILDI assignments?

It is recommended that you incorporate different elements of the content from both your morning and afternoon class into your microteaching lesson.Your instructors will be able to give you some guidance. In addition, there will be a chance to practice microteaching.