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Book: 30 Year Tradition of Speaking from our Heart | AILDI - American Indian Language Development Institute

Book: 30 Year Tradition of Speaking from our Heart

American Indian Language Development Institute: Thirty Year Tradition of Speaking From Our Heart is a compilation of texts, essays, personal reflections, scholarly and creative writings. The publication celebrates the founders, instructors and students who have participated in AILDI and who are commited to keeping their Indigenous languages alive. Contributors include Ofelia Zepeda, University of Arizona; Akira Yamamoto, Kansas University; Teresa McCarty, Arizona State University; Lucille Watahomigie, AILDI founder; Larry L.Kimura, University of Hawaii-Hilo; and others. A hard copy of the publication can be purchased using this form. The book can also be ordered through the UA Bookstore. This publication chronicles the history and development of AILDI and is an essential tool for anyone interested in language revitalization.


School-Community-University Collaborations: The American Indian Language Development Institute

by Teresa L. McCarty, Lucille J. Watahomigie, Akira Y. Yamamoto, and Ofelia Zepeda.


Revitalizing and Documenting Denaakk’e (Koyukon Athabascan)

by Susan Paskvan


Innovative Training Opportunities: The NSF/AILDI Collaboration for Indigenous Language Documentation

by Susan D. Penfield


Kowassaaton Ilhaalos: Let Us Hear Koasati. Developing and Implementing the Koasati Language Project

by Bertney Langley, Linda Langley


Nosi: A Chickasaw Lullaby

by Freyda Craw


Bahidaj (Sahuaro Cactus Fruit) Harvest


Saved by AILDI

by Stacey I. Oberly


Using a Native Language Reference Grammar as a Language Learning Tool

by Stacey I. Oberly


AILDI: My Family, My Friends

by Sandra Warlie


Aia Iā Kākou Nā Hā‘ina - The Answers Are Within Us: Language Rights in Tandem with Language Survival

by Larry L. Kimura 


Hiaki Nooka

by Joe Sanchez


My Story

by Danny Lopez


My Grandma

by Valerie Switzler


"Keep the Languages Alive" with Elders, Teachers, Advocates, and Linguists: AILDI’s Balancing Act in Efforts to Maintain and Revitalize Endangered Languages

by Akira Y. Yamamoto and Kimiko Y. Yamamoto


Generational Transitions

by Maxine Sam


Indigenous Youth and Language Revitalization

by Teresa L. McCarty, Mary Eunice Romero-Little, Larisa Warhol and Ofelia Zepeda


Gifts of Master-Apprenticeship: Development of the Revitalizing Endangered Indigenous Languages (REIL) Certificates

by Nariyo Kono




Lessons in Immersion Instruction from the American Indian Language Development Institute (AILDI)

by Ivan Ozbolt


My AILDI Experience

by Marian L. Escalanti


T-Ni'ok c T-himdag 'o wud T-Gewkdag - "Our language and Our Way of Life is Our Strength"

by Ofelia Zepeda


United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the American Indian Language Development Institute’s (AILDI) Resolution on Language Rights of Indigenous Peoples